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Excellent product quality has always been ULO's top priority. All ULO products are manufactured in original equipment quality and thereby achieving the highest requirements of the automotive industry.

Exquisite materials

UV-resistant granules for colour-true and robust lenses.

Highest quality components

Complex coating processes for permanently oxidation-resistant reflectors and diaphragms.

State-of-the-art testing methods

Measurements in every step of production for the perfect contour of the rear light.

Premium quality electronics

Long live LEDs with optimum thermal management for permanently reliable LEDs.

Quality without compromise - that's what ULO stands for

In order to guarantee the series quality of our products permanently, they are regularly tested according to the strictest requirements even after their approval. So you can be sure that all quality standards will be met even years later.
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The same product - as odelo rear light in new cars or as ULO rear light in original quality

All ULO original parts are manufactured in original equipment quality as IAM variants and meet the highest production and test standards of the automotive industry. This means for you: spare parts in 100% original equipment quality.

Your partner for lights and mirrors in the Independent Aftermarket

ULO has been an established brand in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket for over 70 years. The promise of quality, to offer perfect performance at all times, also applies to our dealings with our partners.

ULO – the brand of the odelo Group