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Your partner for lights and mirrors in the Independent Aftermarket

ULO is universally known for original parts in OEM quality and a partnership at eye level.

Logistics service with precision

Thru an intelligent logistics concept, ULO guarantees that the products always arrive exactly where and when they are needed. To ensure that every order is processed even faster and more reliable, our state of the art logistics centre delivers the desired products as quickly as possible after receipt of the order.

Catalogues and flyers

We offer our customers from trade and workshops a wide range of clearly arranged informative media tailored to their needs. These specialist brochures are available for download as PDF files.

Worldwide availability

In order to get the vehicle back on the road quickly, ULO focuses on an optimal supply of goods, reliable delivery and flexible processing of the customer order. Thanks to a comprehensive, strong sales network, customers can be sure that all parts are at the right place at the right time.


odelo - in its capacity as a manufacturer of lamps and components for the original equipment market and the independent aftermarket - hereby certifies that its products are manufactured to the highest technical and quality standards applicable to the automotive industry. With reference to the previous paragraph, odelo GmbH declares and certifies that all its products are original spare parts.


Partners and associations

ULO sees itself as a responsible partner of trade and workshop. You can find out more about our partners here.



"The current customer satisfaction analysis showed: Top marks for ULO especially in the areas of product quality, service and professional competence. We are very pleased about this excellent result and the confidence and will do everything in our power to be a reliable and efficient partner in the future as well".

Andreas Fettig, Head of Sales & Marketing

ULO – the brand of the odelo Group